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Tavernier, Laurence

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Le Monde - France | 02/07/2008

An overheated parliament

Le Monde publishes a condemnation of the hyperactivity of the French parliament written by eleven employees of socialist Members of the National Assembly: "While the presidential orchestra plays the tune of constitutional reform, the parliamentary ship is slowly sinking. Since the elections of Nicolas Sarkozy and the start of the 13th legislature period in June 2007, 97 laws have been passed. ... This mass of new laws was ill conceived and poorly draughted under the pressure of current events, and it would be silly to be proud of them. ... Parliament is now in session almost without pause. ... The agenda is changed practically every day. Texts are read out at the last minute, making any reflection on them impossible. ... The government is forcing parliament to adapt to its rhythm, and putting its own media and tactical interests before the welfare of the people."

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