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Tassinari, Fabrizio

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Público - Portugal | 16/11/2011

Technocrats take over when politicians fail

The rise of non-elected technocrats in Rome and Athens shows how catastrophically the elected politicians have failed, writes Europe expert Fabrizio Tassinari in the liberal daily Público: "Naturally a technocratic government is an anomaly to the extent that it represents a severe criticism of the performance of a country's entire political class. But the voters in the hard-hit countries of the Eurozone appear to have already reached their own conclusions about their elected politicians months ago. Lao-Tse, the founder of Taoism, wrote that 'a good leader is at his best when people don't even notice that he's there'. Now that Europe's crisis-stricken governments are increasingly being taken over by non-elected technocrats one can almost see the citizens nodding their heads in agreement."

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