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Tassin, Stéphane

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 13/10/2014

N-VA can only win in government

The new Belgian government made up of Liberals and Flemish parties was sworn in on Saturday. The right-wing populist N-VA party gets the posts of finance and interior minister. The liberal daily La Libre Belgique believes the party is in a win-win situation: "Let's not be naive. Everything points to the N-VA remaining every bit a nationalist, separatist party. And let's also not forget that the party, which didn't exactly play the wallflower when the ministerial posts were being distributed, has the government under its control. If this coalition fails, the party's image won't suffer at all. Such an outcome would merely show that federalism is no longer possible and more regional autonomy is necessary. But if it goes the full distance, the party will present itself as a talented administrator able to set aside its nationalist instincts."

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