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Tartarotti, Guido

Tartarotti, Guido

Guido Tartarotti wurde, ohne vorher um Erlaubnis gefragt worden zu sein, am 23. Mai 1968 zur Mödlinger Welt gebracht. 1990 begann er in der KURIER-Chronikredaktion. 1994 wurde er Leiter der Medienredaktion, ein Jahr darauf auch der Kulturredaktion. Beide Positionen legte er 2004 zurück, um wieder mehr Zeit zum Schreiben zu haben.

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Kurier - Austria | 28/08/2015

Fear, despair, humiliation, suffocation

After the discovery of a lorry containing dozens of dead refugees the liberal daily Kurier asks readers to put themselves in the position of those who died: "What was it like? The fear, the hope, the despair. The relief at having escaped war and agony, tempered by the premonition of other impending dangers. Having to rely on people who don't waste another thought on you as soon as you've given them the last of your money. How did that feel? The darkness, the degradingly cramped quarters, the stench. The humiliation of having to relieve yourself no more than inches from your neighbour. The hunger, the thirst, the heat. What was it like? When the level of oxygen dwindled, when no one heard the cries of desperation, when the first people died? The frenzied fear, the last thoughts of home and family, the last gasp for breath? And now imagine it was your own son or daughter in that lorry."

Kurier - Austria | 19/06/2015

A teaching document against apathy

With his environmental encyclical Pope Francis shows that he also takes world ecology problems very much to heart, the liberal daily Kurier writes: "In the encyclical Francis calls on mankind to rethink the way it treats the environment. Specifically he talks of pollution, water shortages and cruelty to animals. And of the climate change caused by people (which conservative believers in particular are fond of denying with the argument that man can't change the climate). And the pope used an interesting image: if someone could observe the world from outside it, they would be pretty surprised. We should ask ourselves this question more often: what would an extra-terrestrial taking a holiday here make of us? Perhaps Pope Francis is just another 'naïve' person. But perhaps it's just that unlike other people he still cares about things."

Kurier - Austria | 12/06/2014

Football fans right to delight in World Cup

Despite all the scandals and adversity sports fans have every right to be excited when the Fifa World Cup gets under way today in Brazil, the daily Kurier believes: "Is it okay to enjoy a sporting event in a country plagued by bitter poverty, many people ask. Well let me ask you this: will the poor be any better off if we watch these games with stricken looks on our faces? When you read the reports now coming out of Brazil, you get the impression that the World Cup also offers a chance for the poor and the oppressed. Because now thousands of journalists are in the country. And they are not in the habit of looking the other way. Both must be possible: joy at a terrific sporting event - AND solidarity with those who are now block tackling some of the sport's profiteers."

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