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Tarquinio, Marco

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Avvenire - Italy | 06/02/2014

Criticism of Vatican implausible

The UN committees rebuke is entirely implausible, the Catholic daily Avvenire concludes: "In a test whose central theme should be the 'rights of the child', the Catholic Church is also charged with not approving abortion and claiming that marriage is only a fruitful relationship between man and woman. Does the UN seriously believe the elimination of a child or its manipulation in the laboratory can be advocated as a child's 'right'? Does it seriously believe the Church can be forced to renounce part of its humanism? Does it seriously believe the Church can be silenced? Despite the mistakes of some of its sons (and no one is lost without hope, no matter what human justice decides, if they repent of their sins and ask for forgiveness) the Church steadfastly stands by the innocents - the children."

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