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Taroni, Micaela

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Wirtschaftsblatt - Austria | 05/11/2015

Vatican revelations may help pope

In his new book Merchants in the Temple, the Italian best-selling author Gianluigi Nuzzi writes about the mismanagement and embezzlement of donations in the Vatican. These revelations may help the pope on his reform course, the business daily Wirtschaftsblatt observes: "It's clear that the demand for more transparency is gathering force among the devout. Awareness that just a fraction of the donations Catholics all over the world make to the pope's charity projects are actually used for charity is growing. A pope who has made humility and simplicity the motto of his papacy can't allow power struggles to obstruct his course. In this respect the scandal could help the pope to free himself of his worst enemies and push through the process of renewal with increased resolve."

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