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Targalski, Jerzy

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Gazeta Polska Codziennie - Poland | 12/09/2014

German industry undermines sanctions

The tougher sanctions against Russia that come into effect today could have been much more drastic if Germany hadn't blocked them, the national-conservative daily Gazeta Polska Codziennie writes, accusing the Germans of putting their economic ties with Russia above all else: "Germany finds itself in a similar situation to 1914 when German industry had to go up against economic heavyweight the UK. … That's why Germany's industry wants to supply Russia with lots of technology, which poses a deadly threat to us Poles. This would strengthen Moscow, putting it in a position to subjugate all Europe. In the end this is why Germany has always blocked Nato's decisions and prevented a joint policy against Russia. In this way Germany has enabled Moscow to adopt an increasingly aggressive approach."

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