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Tapinas, Andrius

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Delfi - Lithuania | 14/04/2015

West doesn't care about deaths in Africa

Terrorists killed 147 Christian students at Garissa University in Kenia on April 2. But the West has failed to deliver an appropriate response, journalist Andrius Tapinas writes on the online portal Delfi: "'Je suis Charlie', the whole world cried in January after the tragic attacks in Paris, when twelve people were killed in an attack on Charlie Hebdo. We too shouted 'Je suis Charlie' until we were hoarse. Countless articles and commentaries, minute-by-minute coverage, live broadcasts of the rallies. ... In March a plane flown by a madman crashed in the Alps, killing 149 innocent people. Once again, the world cried out. ... By remaining silent after the massacre in Garissa, the Western world has loudly proclaimed that life in Africa does not carry the same weight as life in Paris or on the snowy crags of the Alps. There were no protests or rallies on the streets of Europe. And there was no reaction on the part of the world's powerful."

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