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Taşpinar, Ömer

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Sabah - Turkey | 28/10/2013

Chinese missiles for a strong Turkey

Turkey has decided to purchase a missile defence system from China, citing first and foremost the low price as the reason for the move. The decision has met with criticism from Ankara's Nato allies, particularly the US. The pro-government daily Sabah sees the weapons deal as proof of the growing self-confidence of a 'Gaullist' Turkey. "What does Gaullism mean? In short: independence, prestige, grandeur, state-centred capitalism and national interests. France's most important 20th-century leader, Charles de Gaulle, made this strategy his trademark. Turkish Gaullism is the smallest common denominator for various political directions like Kemalism, neo-Ottomanism and nationalism. A Gaullist Turkey mistrusts the West and pursues an independent vision of a stable, strong and prestigious Turkey."

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