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Tanasoiu, Cosmina

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Revista 22 - Romania | 07/05/2008

EU unprepared for Romania and Bulgaria?

Romanian journalist Cosmina Tanasoiu writes on the EU membership of Romania and Bulgaria: "It was a Christmas gift made on the basis of several promises: that the reforms ... that had not been fulfilled (primarily judicial reform and anti-corruption measures) would be completed by the countries' governments in the years to come. The Union thought that hedge clauses allowing among other things for funding sanctions would suffice as a means of applying pressure. But the European heads of government are completely unprepared and incapable of dealing with the political game played in this part of Europe, where people acknowledge their obligations then turn around and distance themselves from them almost as a matter of course. In this part of Europe personal, clan and party interests come before the public welfare. The strongest means of applying pressure was the prospect of joining the EU."

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