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Tamer, Meral

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Milliyet - Turkey | 09/08/2013

Defying Erdoğan with bare skin

A growing number of women in Istanbul are wearing shorts in public, the conservative daily Milliyet notes with annoyance. Journalist Meral Tamer reflects on whether this trend is simply a fashion fad or a covert political statement: "Are these super-short shorts which, particularly in older women I find so offensive, an expression of the growing protest among secular circles against Prime Minister Erdoğan's increasingly authoritarian style, which is constantly upping the conservatism? According to the motto: 'Your supporters cover themselves, so I'm baring myself! Or perhaps "You say pregnant women shouldn't be on the streets so I'm drawing even more attention to my stomach with skin-tight T-shirts! I could cite many more examples. This possibility shouldn't be rule out."

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