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Tallián, Miklós

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Komment - Hungary | 29/06/2011

Hungary seals itself off from EU

Hungary's Foreign Minister János Martonyi has given a positive account in Brussels of Hungary's EU Council presidency, which ends tomorrow. But journalist Miklós Tallián takes a different view on the opinion portal Komment, criticising the Orbán government's lacking will to cooperate: "First we should examine Hungary's political stance. Before its EU presidency began - and even during it - voices could repeatedly be heard calling for independence from the EU and other Western institutions. ... Hungary's government has done everything it could to avoid receiving help from Hungary's allies, the European Union and other Western organisations. Disregarding the European decision-making mechanisms, Hungary repeatedly attempted to impose its will on countries that are more powerful economically and diplomatically. ... It's difficult to successfully carry through an EU presidency with this attitude. If Hungary is so opposed to the EU, the EU will respond accordingly." 

Komment - Hungary | 01/05/2011

Hungary's weakness breeds right-wing militias

The Hungarian parliament on Monday limited the scope of action for far-right militias who act aggressively towards the Roma. The rise of paramilitary organisations is a consequence of the state's own mistakes, writes journalist Miklós Tallián on the opinion portal Komment: "For decades the state has shirked its responsibility to take action against petty crime, which is a logical consequence of the ghettoisation of the Roma. This has inevitably led to self-defence measures, and in the worst cases to people taking the law into their own hands. It's obvious that this undermines the rule of law, but in the present situation self-defence is a natural reaction. If the state fails in its duty to prevent and fight crime, others will necessarily take matters into their own hands. … This is, I repeat, not legal, but entirely understandable in view of the lack of public order."

Hírszerző - Hungary | 02/06/2009

European elections: A domestic opinion poll

The news portal Hírszerző writes on the irrelevance of the European elections in the eyes of Hungarian voters: "Next Sunday we will vote Hungarian MEPs to the European Parliament. In general that's about all we know about the matter. ... 24 percent of elegible Hungarian voters, for example, haven't even got wind of the vote. ... This election will clearly not do justice to its function. The European Union is not a state, but a postmodern political organisation, meaning it lacks a true government in the traditional sense. ... A parliament can't make up for this deficit. That means that the European elections will not carry too much weight. All of the parties will make use of them to suit their own interests, no doubt most frequently as a large-scale domestic opinion poll."

Hírszerző - Hungary | 05/11/2008

An election with no surprises

Blogger Miklós Tallián takes a dim view of Obama's election victory. "What had hitherto been merely conjecture became reality last night: America has elected the first black president in its history. But the fact that Obama is black is the least interesting thing about him. Much more interesting is where he will situate himself among the worst presidents of the 20th century, these being F. D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson and of course Jimmy Carter. ... America is a strong and proud country, it has won two world wars, it has survived the presidents named above and it will also survive Obama."

Hírszerző - Hungary | 12/09/2008

Attack on the West

Journalist Miklós Tallián reflects in the online newspaper Hírszerző on the West, its values and the fundamentals of freedom that he says were attacked on 11 September 2001: "September 11 is now, as it was then, a personal matter, no matter how far away this date seems in time and space. ... It is a personal matter because I believe in everything that was attacked and destroyed on September 11. My home is the Western civilisation founded on freedom, humanism and rational enlightenment. Here I have the right and the liberty to seek my happiness, as others do. This is enough; the rest is up to me. ... The greatest virtue of the liberally constituted West is that it no longer makes promises. It does not self-advertise on the basis that it is the best of all theoretically possible worlds. It does not try to deceive us into thinking that everything will be alright, nor does it claim that there are only winners. ... No, it simply offers us the basis for leading a good life."

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