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Tänavsuu, Toivo

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Eesti Ekspress - Estonia | 10/10/2014

Gay marriage law forces Estonians to be tolerant

The Estonian parliament voted by a slim margin on Thursday in favour of introducing civil marriages for same-sex couples as of 2016. The vote was preceded by massive protest against the new law. Tolerance can't be forced on a society, the Christian journalist Toivo Tänavsuu writes in the liberal weekly paper Eesti Ekspress: "Some people have been saying that the law 'won't deprive anyone of anything'. I believe it has already deprived us of a great deal: the solidarity of the Estonian population, and for many also of their faith in democracy and honesty in politics. Not to mention how this partnership law has diverted popular attention from the important problems in Estonian society. ... Are we being forced to become a liberal Western society by totalitarian means? Nothing justifies hatred against others, no matter who they are. But you can't create tolerance by brute force. Violence can only bring violence. Can you force someone to be 'more tolerant'?"

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