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Tabisz, Jacek

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NaTemat - Poland | 23/07/2015

Muslim migrants can be dangerous

In the Polish refugee debate there are a number of voices arguing that the country should take in only Christian refugees. The idea has the support of Jacek Tabisz, chairman of the Polish Humanist Association PSR, who writes in his blog on the liberal portal naTemat: "Essentially I find it good that [Prime Minister] Ewa Kopacz and her government have decided to take in migrants. Because this is a common problem for the EU and it can't be left to Italy and Greece to singlehandedly shoulder the responsibility for taking in refugees from Africa. … But it's not as simple as that. There have already been a few worrying incidents. … Muslim migrants have murdered fellow Christian travellers, throwing them into the sea. This is a known case, and there may be others like it. There may be similar murderers among the refugees that Poland takes in."

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