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Szwałek, Krzysztof

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 04/03/2009

Losses create fears create losses

The daily Rzeczpospolita comments on the emotion generated by the immense losses incurred by investors in Poland in the last quarter of 2008. In all the crisis has wiped out 2 billion zloty (425 million euros): "Feelings are so strong that investors prefer atlases to macroeconomic analyses when deciding where to put their money. And they doggedly lump Poland together with 'powers' like Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and Ukraine - although the basis data put our prospects considerably higher. As a result, the zloty has lost around half its value compared with the previous year. ... Just a month ago the crisis prophet [US economist] Nouriel Roubini predicted that the Polish currency would collapse because it had an inflexible exchange rate. No, Mr Roubini, on the contrary. The zloty has a flexible exchang rate. And if this has plunged, it's only because a certain dignified economist has put fear into our hearts."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 12/11/2008

The state should protect working mothers

The World Economic Forum's annual report on women's rights prompts Rzeczpospolita newspaper to advocate better protection for mothers: "Flying in the face of the majority of experts who for years have been trying to work out why it is that a woman earns less than a man in the same position, I propose the following bold hypothesis: it is because she doesn't drive as hard a bargain. ... And it's a mistake to blame employers: Why should they pay more if they don't have to? ... The question now is why women are willing [to do this], ... because they believe that even their self-confidence will not suffice in a situation in which the state is incapable of protecting young mothers against discrimination. Only the introduction of mechanisms that enable women to work without having to give up their social role of mothers will have the effect of putting women on an equal footing with men in the eyes of employers."

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