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Szunyogh, Szabolcs

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Népszava - Hungary | 23/10/2014

Orbán government drives children into poverty

One in every three children in Hungary lives in dire poverty, according to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation in September. The blame lies with Viktor Orbán's right-wing conservative government, the left-leaning daily Népszava believes: "35 percent of Hungarian children suffer from material deprivation, compared with 34.4 percent in Romania. In the other countries of the region, for example Slovenia, Estonia and the Czech Republic, that figure is around six to seven percent. ... Clearly the catastrophic economic policy is responsible for the situation. On the one hand hundreds of thousands of skilled workers are leaving the country, on the other the middle class is growing poorer by the day. The bottom line is: countless regions in Hungary (experts talk of 30 in all) are becoming increasingly backward."

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