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Szubarczyk, Piotr

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Nasz Dziennik - Poland | 17/09/2009

Piotr Szubarczyk on the Soviet invasion of Poland

Writing for the national Catholic daily Nasz Dziennik, Piotr Szubarczyk recalls the Soviet troops' invasion of Poland 70 years ago: "The Soviet Union attacked the Rzeczpospolita Polska [Republic of Poland] without warning. This meant aggression, occupation and genocide. A Soviet propaganda poster from September 1939 depicts a Red Army soldier striking down the White Eagle - the symbol of 'bourgeois' Poland. This hate-propagating poster revealed the true intentions of the Soviet Union regarding the Rzeczpospolita Polska and the true targets of the aggression that began on that Sunday to be commemorated, September 17. Both Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union wanted to destroy the order that had emerged after the First World War - as a result among other things of the Treaty of Versailles."

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