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Szilágyi, Richárd

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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 11/05/2015

Online media create distorted view of reality

People who get their news from the Internet invariably lose their orientation and sense of reality due to the massive flow of information, the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet complains: "In Hungary, too, an entire generation of young people has grown up who have never held a printed newspaper or magazine. They read their news exclusively on their computers or smartphones - to the extent that they read at all, that is. In and of itself that would not be a problem. But the situation is exacerbated by the fact that the 'news' provided by these sources generally does not bear much relation to the events going on around us. We're talking about 20 or 25 lines in the best of cases, in the worst only six or eight. Hundreds of such 'news items' appear daily on any given online portal. In view of the shortness of these texts, the authors have no chance to explain the wider context. And as a result the readers only get a vague glimpse of reality from such 'news'."

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 03/04/2014

Hungary's left will spread lies about elections

According to the latest polls, the right-wing conservative ruling party Fidesz will win Hungary's parliamentary elections on Sunday. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet warns that the left will try to discredit the government and accuse it of electoral fraud: "'Fidesz has rigged the vote' and 'Orbán's third government is illegitimate!'. If the current ruling party wins, we expect to see these and similar headlines in the left-wing media. And these will be the very same media that made fools of themselves a few years ago when they announced to the world that press freedom was no more in Hungary. A lie for which they still haven't been held to account today. And they won't disappoint us this time either: for years they have been preparing the ground to cast doubt on the outcome of the vote on April 6."

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