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Szerető, Szabolcs

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1.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 17/10/2015

Hungary creates propaganda ministry

Hungary's government set up an office for government communication with the rank of a ministry around a week ago. This status is perfectly in keeping ... » more

2.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 29/03/2015

Jobbik too radical to govern

The right-wing extremist party Jobbik is just three percentage points behind the conservative ruling party Fidesz in the polls. However the party is incapable of ... » more

3.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 26/11/2014

Orbán can still turn the mood around in Hungary

Hungary's right-wing conservative ruling party Fidesz lost two constituencies to the opposition in a by-election on Sunday. The voters may be unhappy with the government ... » more

4.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 19/11/2014

Demonstrators threaten Orbán's achievements

More than ten thousand people gathered in Budapest on Monday to demand among other things Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's resignation. The pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet ... » more

5.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 20/08/2014

Hungary made history 25 years ago

The so-called Pan-European Picnic was commemorated on Tuesday in the town of Sopronpuszta on the border between Hungary and Austria. Thanks to the celebrations that ... » more

6.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 07/04/2014

Government deserves another four years

Orbán and his Fidesz party can now continue the successful work of the past four years, the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet writes in delight: "For ... » more

7.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 10/01/2013

Fifa stigmatises sport-loving Hungary

The International Federation of Association Football (Fifa) ruled on Tuesday that Hungary must play its upcoming game against Romania in the qualification rounds for the ... » more

8.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 05/07/2012

Accusing Hungary of anti-Semitism unjust

In a letter sent to 50 US Members of the US Congress on Tuesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed how his country had fought ... » more

9.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 24/10/2011

Orbán won't go away

In Budapest several left-leaning organisations held a rally on Sunday attended by some 100,000 people to protest against the right-wing conservative government of Viktor Orbán. ... » more

10.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 05/08/2011

No mercy for Hungary's left-wing governments

Hungary's conservative right-wing government announced on Tuesday that it wants to take previous governments from 2002 to 2010 to court for their "irresponsible" economic policies. ... » more


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