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Szekeres Imre, Des Browne

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 19/09/2008

Imre Szekeres and Des Browne on the future of Nato

Hungarian Defence Minister Imre Szekeres and British Defence Secretary Des Browne reflect on the future of NATO in a joint article. "After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, few people foresaw the extent, the scale and the merciless tempo of the global challenges facing us: economic globalisation, climate change, competition for energy sources and raw materials and the fight against international terror. These threats are complicated by the millions of people in need of protection from violence and military conflicts throughout the world. And humanitarian aid must be provided to additional millions who have been expelled and are without shelter. In addition, solutions must be found not only for the fight against poverty, but also to ease the international repercussions of demographic change. We are all eyewitnesses to ethnic and religious conflicts and their consequences. We all see the risk potential of failed and rogue states. These new challenges have put the joint territorial defence of our alliance to the test. But NATO has also evolved. ... NATO strategy must now be focused on these new challenges. At the same time, however, we must ensure that NATO has the proper equipment and organisation for the tasks at hand."

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