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Szaniawski, Józef

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Nasz Dziennik - Poland | 02/02/2011

Fighter against Islamism steps down

Hosni Mubarak's announcement that he will step down as Egyptian president is a dangerous mistake because he is a pro-Western politician who has stood up to radical Islamists, the nationalist Catholic daily Nasz Dziennik warns: "This regime is without doubt undemocratic. But there are no democratic regimes in Arab countries - and there never have been! Mubarak, however, is the most pro-Western politician in the entire Arab world. And owing to its location on the border between Africa and Asia, its population of around 80 million, the Suez Canal and its military and economic potential, Egypt plays a key geopolitical role. Islamic revolutions take place every couple of decades in Egypt. [Polish author] Henryk Sienkiewicz described one a hundred years ago in his book In Desert and Wilderness."

Nasz Dziennik - Poland | 06/01/2011

Józef Szaniawski on the eternal danger of Islam

The New Year's Day attack on a Coptic church in Egypt has once again demonstrated how dangerous Islam is, warns Józef Szaniawski in the national Catholic daily Nasz Dziennik: "The Muslims are more dangerous than ever at the moment because they have lots of petro-dollars and know how to use modern technologies. At the same time they are as fanatical as Muhammad once lay down in the Koran. In those circles and places where people pretend to be politically correct, people say that not everything in Islam is fundamentalist and that the advanced policy of a 'meeting of the civilisations', initiated by Europe's leaders, is bringing the Muslim people closer to the Western world. We may well ask whether this is not a deliberate mistake. If Islam were to change its basis it would cease to have a reason to exist. The foundation of Islam is the Holy War - the jihad. Islam's only reason to be is to convert others. Islam can never be negotiable or moderate its views without contradicting its only and ultimate goal. And no one can change this because this is the teaching of its prophet and the culmination of its beliefs."

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