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Szandar, Alexander

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Der Spiegel - Germany | 30/06/2008

US atomic weapons in Europe

"Hardly anyone sees any more sense in stationing nuclear bombs in Europe. Only the Defence Ministry in Berlin wants to keep the nuclear weapons here", the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel reports . "Roughly 20 American B-61 nuclear bombs are still in Germany ... on the outskirts of the village of Büchel in Rhineland-Palatinate. ... The bombs come across as a military anachronism, a relict from the Cold War. ... Even Washington no longer believes they serve any purpose. ... But CDU Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung has other plans. Even after the rearmament in Büchel, he still plans to have a number of Tornados [German fighter jets] in reserve for nuclear deployment. In an emergency they ... are to jet over to Büchel and load the American bombs - if Barack Obama or John McCain have not already got rid of them, that is."

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