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Szafrańska, Irena

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Wprost - Poland | 10/03/2010

Poland's feminists celebrate pussy month

After activities organised around International Women's Day, Polish feminist groups want to hold action days in April to bring out the positive aspects of female sexuality. The Polish news magazine Wprost welcomes the breaking of another taboo: "The feminist milieu in Poland has crossed yet another boundary. It has taken a ... taboo as the central element of its ideology and approach. ... In this way April is to become the official month of - please excuse the word - the pussy. After the demonstrations on Monday feminist organisations are once more striking while the iron is hot and scheduling the first official Pussy Days for April! The idea is to improve the acceptance of the word, they say: ... 'Our goal is to give the word 'pussy' a more positive resonance and to start a common search for other terms and ways of discussing the female body without scientific or medical - or for that matter vulgar - overtones on the one hand, and which stress on the other hand the joyful, positive aspects of female sexuality'."

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