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Szacki, Wojciech

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 26/06/2012

Kaczyński using EU fears as a diversion

In interviews with conservative media in Poland the national-conservative Polish opposition politician Jarosław Kaczyński has fanned fears of the EU by describing the Union as a "kind of German Reich the borders of which never extended as far as they do today". This is just a ploy Kaczyński is using to divert attention from the pitiful state of his party, the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza suspects: "These interviews are in principle nothing new. As an ageing star the leader of the [national-conservative] PiS party has once again taken to the stage and is playing the same old records. … And now we come to an important point: in none of the interviews was the PiS chairman asked why the party is in such bad shape. Or why, six months after the elections, the party hasn't been able to gain any ground even though the [ruling] Civic Platform has lost a quarter of its voters in that same period."

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