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Szabó, Márk

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Heti Válasz - Hungary | 09/10/2009

Márk Szabó on political conservatism in Europe

Political scientist Márk Szabó reflects on political conservatism in today's Europe in the conservative weekly Heti Válas: "How to explain the election victories of the conservative centre-right parties? The answer is perhaps to be found in the multifaceted character of European conservatism. Just as there is no conservative 'ideology', conservatism also offers no common economic policy. And that is exactly the strength of Europe's conservative parties. They don't keep dishing up the same ideological recipe time and again, rather they offer individual answers to different circumstances in places, while not giving in to opportunism in the process. There is no similarity between British, Italian, French and German conservatism, nor has there ever been. ... In contrast to social democracy, conservatism has been able to keep the iniative and remain innovative, intellectually flexible and creative. Social democratic policy more or less amounts to castigating neoliberalism. But there has been no sign of a social democratic answer to the problems of the free market economy."

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