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Szabó, Anna

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1.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 26/01/2015

US profits from Russia sanctions

The US is benefiting from the EU sanctions against Russia while Europe suffers, the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet points out: "The Germans and Italians have ... » more

2.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 26/06/2014

EU has double standards on Italy and Hungary

Italy lowered the retirement age for judges to 70 at the start of June. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet is unhappy that a similar measure ... » more

3.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 30/07/2013

Budapest frees itself from IMF yoke

Hungary's right-wing conservative government announced on Monday that it would repay the 7.5 billion euro loan it received from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ahead ... » more

4.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 16/11/2012

EU expects the impossible from the Greeks

The EU Commission and the International Monetary Fund are at odds over whether Greece should be given until 2020 or 2022 to reduce its huge ... » more

5.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 05/11/2012

British Tories rebel against US bureaucracy

If the British Conservatives are putting Prime Minister David Cameron under pressure in the run-up to the EU budget negotiations, it's also because they've had ... » more

6.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 07/12/2011

US agencies wage war on Europe

The US rating agencies are waging a war against Europe that must be ended as quickly as possible, demands the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet: "In ... » more

7.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 26/11/2011

Moody's attacks Hungary

The rating agency Moody's lowered Hungary's credit rating to junk status on Thursday. The agency acts in the interests of the speculators, writes the pro-government ... » more

8.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 28/10/2011

EU instrument demonstrates European spirit

With their decisions on the euro bailout Europe's politicians have found a way out of the crisis, writes the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet: "The apparatus ... » more

9.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 26/07/2011

Tragicomedy over US debt

In the US, President Barack Obama is locked in a struggle with the House of Representatives, dominated by the Republicans, to find a way out ... » more

10.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 09/05/2008

Uncertainty about when the euro will be introduced

In view of Slovakia's planned conversion to the euro next year, Anna Szabó expresses concern about Hungary's efforts to join the monetary union. "This year ... » more


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