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Svetlin, Miro

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e-vestnik - Bulgaria | 21/07/2010

Miro Svetlin fears a dictatorship of the aged immortals

In view of the aging global population Miro Svetlin hazards a look into the future on the Internet portal e-vestnik, and fears a dictatorship of the elderly: "A 62-year-old woman gives birth to her second child. A 68-year-old man studies law. A 69-year-old woman with three bypasses goes bungee jumping. Until now such reports have only come from the US and Japan. But now global aging has also reached Bulgaria. The consequences are not only of an economic but also - and above all - of a human nature. In ten years there'll be no stopping cloning and there will certainly be places to practice it. There will be a new class society: on the one hand the immortal rich, who remain healthy and beautiful thanks to regular upgrades, and on the other the poor - ugly, sick and mortal. Today's tyranny of the youth will become a dictatorship of the aged. With time old people will evolve from cash cows to consumers devouring ever larger amounts of resources. ... What significance will joy and sorrow have? How will the rich immortals withstand the pressure of the poor mortals? I don't even want to think about it. I'll be content if I live to be 70 or 80."

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