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Svanborg-Sjövall, Karin

Leitartiklerin bei Dagens Nyheter

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Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 07/08/2012

Israel's dilemma in Sinai

Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed on Monday when gunmen attacked an Egyptian border post on Sinai Peninsula. Israel has been faced with a dilemma since the power shift in Cairo, the daily Dagens Nyheter comments: "The unrest on the border also has far-reaching consequences for Israel. During the Egyptian election campaign this summer an amendment to the peace treaty of 1979 was discussed. According to the treaty the Sinai Peninsula should be a demilitarised zone. Each time Israel demands from Egypt that it improve security in the region, it can respond that that would require a permanent military presence that is not allowed by the treaty. Israel is thus caught between a rock and a hard place: either it lives with a neighbour that offers enemy terrorists increasing leeway or it accepts a stronger military presence on the part of a country whose president is a Muslim Brother."

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