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Supiot, Alain

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Le Monde - France | 25/01/2008

Alain Supiot defines the market's communist economy

Alain Supiot, professor of social studies, considers that the European Union is tending towards a 'communist market economy'. "Built on the basis of what capitalism and communism had in common (abstract economy and universalism), this hybrid system borrows from the market dog eat dog competition, free trade and the maximising of individual utilities, while from communism, it borrows 'limited democracy', the manipulation of the law, an obsession with quantification and total separation of the fate of leaders from that of those governed. It offers the ruling classes the possibility to get immensely rich ... while continuing to disunite themselves from the middle and working classes ... . A new 'nomenklatura' that owes a lot of its sudden fortune to the privatisation of public sectors is thus using the liberalisation of markets to be exonerated of the financing of national solidarity systems."

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