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Sundberg, Robert

Mitarbeiter Dala-Demokraten (Schweden)

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Dala-Demokraten - Sweden | 10/04/2010

Sweden ignores dangers of nuclear energy

The conservative government of Sweden, which covers roughly half of its energy requirements with water power and half with nuclear energy, wants to build new nuclear power plants. The daily Dala Demokraten scrutinises the energy debate in the context of the upcoming elections in September: "Nuclear power has been represented as a virtually problem-free power source in the energy and environmental debates of the past few years. Therefore it is not surprising that the number of Swedes who want to use nuclear power has risen. The numerous problems that the use of nuclear power entails have been played down - despite serious incidents. ... If radioactivity accidentally escapes it can have unimaginable consequences and the question of the disposal of radioactive waste remains unresolved. ... However the major media don't seem to be interested in reporting on the disadvantages of nuclear energy. For the sake of a balanced debate on energy ahead of the elections it would be good if they did so to a greater extent than we are seeing at present."

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