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Sultanus, Beatus

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Irodalmi Jelen - Romania | 08/01/2010

Hungary's literary critics are cowards

Sultanus Beatus writes in the literary portal Irodalmi Jelen that Hungary's literary critics are a bunch of cowards who do nothing but beat around in the bush: "Critics write reviews for their own pleasure nowadays, because not even other critics read what they write. ... The real problem with literary reviews is that the critics who write them are cowards. In many cases they're just too lily-livered to say clearly what they think, and instead shroud their scathing opinions in incomprehensible jargon. Although they have no problem saying to their friends that this or that writer has really dropped one this time, they don't have the guts to write in on paper. They don't dare use blatantly critical language because they're afraid for their prestige and their professional future. So all they do is hum and haw, forgetting that what their readers really want isn't academic jabberwocky but lively, entertaining reviews that use striking language to give a real opinion."

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