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Sülzle, Almut

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Die Welt - Germany | 20/06/2011

Football more feminine than some think

It's silly to say football is a man's sport, the conservative daily Die Welt writes. A week before the FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany it detects a number of feminine aspects to the game: "The ball is round. The game demands teamwork, solidarity and multi-tasking. Strength alone is of no avail, the players must also be tenacious and flexible and demonstrate emotional intelligence. Football consequently seems tailor-made for the 'weaker sex': the team sees itself as a family in which the manager takes on the mother role. He settles conflicts, threatens to withhold pocket money, ban the children from playing or ground them. Football players are bitchy, their methods for stopping their opponents are underhanded. They pull their jerseys and trip them up when no one's looking. If they're caught red-handed they play innocent and complain to the ref. Typical girls. ... The football foul is to boxing what poisoning is to the duel."

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