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Sturmberg, Jessica

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Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 07/05/2013

Tax evader Hoeneß lacks true remorse

Uli Hoeneß will remain the chairman of the board of FC Bayern München AG and president of the football club. After making a voluntary disclosure of tax evasion he offered to take a leave of absence from his posts, but the board of directors rejected the proposal on Monday. It sends the wrong signal for Hoeneß to remain on the job, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk believes: "True remorse hurts. It has to. Otherwise it has no value. … Should Uli Hoeneß stay to enjoy the Champions League final in Wembley and then step down at the very height of his career? Is that true remorse? Those who pay their taxes honestly, year after year, who see on their payslips how little of their gross pay remains, the ailing communities that must close down public facilities for lack of funding - they rightly have little understanding for big earners who shirk their responsibilities. … Uli Hoeneß need not in languish in remorse until the end of his days. Really. All he needs to do is take a leave of absence, bring everything in order and then perhaps return at an appropriate time."

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