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Stumpf, András

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Heti Válasz - Hungary | 24/10/2012

Bajnai could be Hungarian prime minister again

Former Hungarian prime minister Gordon Bajnai (2009-2010) returned to politics this week after two years of absence. He has announced plans to join an opposition alliance against Viktor Orbán's conservative government. In the eyes of the conservative weekly Heti Válasz, Bajnai definitely has a chance of becoming head of government once more if he can win the approval of the large camp of undecided voters: "There are around a million undecided voters in Hungary for whom Gordon Bajnai would still be an option even if he were backed by Gábor Kuncze [a former liberal politician], Ferenc Gyurcsány [ex-prime minister] and Attila Mesterházy [leader of the socialist MSZP]. … This is the group of voters he should be aiming for. … If he can convince the voters of the MSZP and put a brake on Attila Mesterházy's ambitions, Bajnai could easily become prime minister again - regardless of his lack of charisma and failings as a speaker."

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