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Ström Melin, Annika

Dagens Nyheter, Schweden

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Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 13/02/2013

Europe needs food FBI

In Sweden too, certain products made by frozen foods giant Findus have been found to contain horsemeat. Now the Swedish National Food Agency plans to carry out random inspections at retailers nationwide. The liberal daily Dagens Nyheter calls on the EU to take action: "The Findus lasagne swindle shows that the free circulation of goods in Europe makes additional monitoring necessary. ... Trading within the European single market is easier and leads to better and cheaper products - but at the same time swindlers are finding more and bigger loopholes. This is why the liberal MEP Marit Paulsen is quite right to stress that improved and more effective food controls are necessary, both at the national and EU level. For many years now Paulsen has been advocating an 'animal and food products FBI' which is authorised to carry out inspections in all EU countries. ... More supervision - this doesn't sound very pleasant and it won't eradicate fraud entirely. But things must be made more difficult for swindlers, and the European single market must be protected from decline."

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 18/07/2012

EU must start being strict

As was also the case when Greece joined the Eurozone, the EU was too lenient in allowing Romania to join the Union and failed to insist on adherence to certain criteria, writes the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter. It's time for Brussels to finally wake up, the paper urges: "The EU must try to prevent democracy from being undermined in several member countries. Romania and Bulgaria are special cases, but developments in recent years in Hungary make clear how reticent the Union already is. … The tame reaction from Brussels is justified by saying that only countries that violate the laws of the Union can be reprimanded, and those laws apply mainly to very limited subjects. Moreover there is the so-called 'nuclear bomb' (article 7 in the Lisbon treaty) which can be activated against a country that de facto jeopardises democracy. In such cases the voting rights of the country in question can be revoked. The EU must prepare to push this button."

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 22/05/2012

EU expansion difficult with Nikolić

The election of nationalist Tomislav Nikolić as Serbian president poses additional problems for the crisis-ridden EU, writes the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter: "The crisis in Europe has entered a new phase with Sunday's elections in Serbia. For sixty years and until today cooperation in Europe has developed step by step along two parallel lines: consolidation on the one hand and expansion on the other. At times the two stood in contradiction, but taken together both lines were the political fuel for Europe. Now the project's very core - the common currency - is facing the threat of dissolution. And with nationalists like Nikolić at the head of the list of accession candidates, perhaps there will be no new members. If the EU can neither be consolidated nor enlarged, there is little room for it to develop at all. Europe has good reason to be worried."

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 11/05/2011

Bad propaganda pop from Belarus

The Belarusian singer Anastasia Vinnikova is representing her country in this year's European Song Contest with the song I love Belarus. This is just silly propaganda, the daily Dagens Nyheter writes: "One could interpret the Belarusian entry as scathing irony but the dictatorship in Minsk obviously has no sense of humour. It actually seems to believe Europe can be seduced by this monotonous propaganda pop. ... The EU should clearly and unequivocally repeat its demand that the [opposition leader] Neklyaev and all the others who were arrested after the presidential elections be released immediately. ... The Belarusian economy is already in freefall but sanctions against its key companies could be another means of getting rid of [President] Lukashenko. Hopefully this terrible song I Love Belarus won't get many points in the semi-final in Düsseldorf tomorrow."

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 21/01/2010

EU makes a hash of aid for Haiti

The EU still hasn't found a unified approach to its aid for Haiti, the daily Dagens Nyheter writes: "After all the pretty speeches about the role of the Union as a global player it was embarrassing to see how weakly and unclearly the Union has handled the situation. ... The member countries - including Sweden - are setting up their own aid operations although they are act above all as part of the EU. The statements made by EU representatives are in some cases contradictory. The new EU President Herman Van Rompuy explained on the BBC that he wanted to set up a special task force for humanitarian disasters. This is a controversial standpoint which the new EU foreign minister Catherine Ashton has made no reference whatsoever to in her statements. And it is Spain which currently holds the EU presidency and which brings together the ministers for disaster aid. It's no wonder the message of the EU - in as far as there is one - hasn't got through."

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