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Ström Melin, Annika

Dagens Nyheter, Schweden

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Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 29/09/2011

Barroso strengthens EU adversaries

In addition to the financial transaction tax EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso also called for stronger European cooperation in his speech to the European Parliament on Wednesday - but in a way that plays into the hands of EU detractors, warns the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter: "Barroso is right to call for solidarity in the crisis and to call on politicians to work together. However he himself is a well-paid functionary who risks nothing when he chatters on about pretty but unrealistic ideas in the European Parliament. It is the leaders of the respective countries who must make unpopular decisions. It is grist to the mill of EU opponents when Barroso says it was naive to believe that a monetary union could function without a financial union. That can be interpreted as saying that the euro was sold to the citizens with the promise that it was nothing but a currency, when everyone knew full well that it was about much more than that. ... With his new, far-reaching proposals Barroso may even provoke those who are really fighting for Europe's cohesion."

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 20/10/2010

EU-wide rules on maternity leave beneficial

The European Parliament votes today, Wednesday, on increasing the period for maternity leave. The EU-wide minimum is currently 16 weeks. The liberal daily Dagens Nyheter welcomes the initiative but says the planned regulation is too complex: "Europe needs both children and immigrants. It is a bad sign that young women on our continent believe they can't afford to have children or don't want to have them. A society that can't provide the right conditions for reproduction is not a healthy society. Moreover the borders are open and the markets are merging with each other. It is therefore right that certain EU labour market regulations should be valid for all - including minimum legal protection periods for mothers. But the European Parliament's most recent proposal is too detailed. ... Such matters of detail are best dealt with at the national level or by the partners on the job market."

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