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Strik, Tineke

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Trouw - Netherlands | 06/10/2009

The Netherlands tightens immigration laws

The Dutch government wants to tighten up the regulations for families of immigrants wanting to move to the country to join the latter once more. They only want to let in "people who are good for the economy", migration expert and senator for the Greens in the first chamber of the parliament Tineke Strik writes in the daily Trouw: "But to select people according to their chances on the job market, this is done with migrant workers and not with the partners and children of Dutch citizens. By tightening the rules with reference to the abominable practice of forced marriages the ministers appear to be trying to forestall their opponents. But demagogy has never solved any problems. … Do [Integration Minister Eberhard] van der Laan and [State Secretary for Justice Nebahat] Albayrak really believe they can take the wind out of [right-wing populist Geert] Wilders' sails by closing the borders even more? The opposite is the case. By moving towards him like this they are effectively allowing Wilders to rule the country with his nine mandates."

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