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Striblea, Catalin

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Blog Adevărul - Romania | 20/05/2014

Being Romanian is uncool

The Romanian social democratic governing party the PSD is using the slogan "Proud to be Romanian" in its campaign for the European elections. Journalist Catalin Striblea asks on the web portal of the liberal-conservative daily Adevărul exactly what there is to be proud of: "Above all in the urban and mobile circles of my generation this statement is considered totally uncool - and quite rightly. If you look at life in Romania there's little to be proud of. Romania is a profoundly corrupt country that was accepted only reluctantly by the European institutions and which is now forced to respect these institutions. The education and healthcare sectors are in ruins. Getting old in this country is a nightmare, while being young is a constant struggle. ... And now the PSD has claimed the right to the campaign slogan 'Proud to be Romanian'. ... But from now on we'll have to be even more sparing when it comes to talking about our pride because otherwise it will mean being labelled a PSD supporter."

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