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Streips, Kārlis

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Latvijas Sabiedriskie mediji - Latvia | 13/08/2015

Latvian debate on burqa ban pointless

Latvia's President Raimonds Vējonis on Tuesday proposed a debate about banning the burqa in public after Estonia has been discussing the issue over the past week. The whole discussion has little to do with reality, the website of the public radio station LSM scoffs: "Has anyone actually seen anyone wearing Muslim women's clothing in Latvia? Has anyone seen a woman with a fully veiled face here? No. So why do we need to debate the issue? Because it's comfortable for the politicians. They can speak out against or for the burqa without insulting a lot of voters. … For now at least it sounds like a lot of hot air, which is typical for Latvian politicians."

Blog Kārlis Streips - Latvia | 26/04/2012

Riga should not ban gay parade

The Riga city authorities plan to ban the gay parade held every year since 2005 owing to strong public rejection of the event. The journalist Kārlis Streips, himself a homosexual, reminds readers in his blog of what happened in previous years: "One has to ask oneself whether these children of God have ever heard the word 'precedent'. Don't they remember the last time they tried to impose a ban that was overturned by the courts because the judges, unlike the Riga city councillors, understood the constitution and the right of assembly that it guarantees? That is exactly what happened last time and the time before last. The city councillors decide their own agenda, and if they want to spend their time doing nonsensical things, then let them. But why are they asking the administrative court, which has plenty of other business to attend to, to rule on this issue yet again when the outcome is likely to be the same? It was Einstein who said only two things were infinite : the universe and human stupidity. Only he wasn't sure about the universe."

Blog Kārlis Streips - Latvia | 28/10/2010

Government disappoints Latvians

According to the latest corruption index by Transparency International Latvia scores only 4.3 on a corruption scale of 1 to 10. This is a bad result and even lower than last year's, writes Kārlis Streips in his blog with the Politika portal: "We don't have to look for the reasons why Transparency International reached this conclusion for long: there has been a series of bribery scandals here. But what was the politicians' reaction? Between you and me: none. Yet this Transparency International rating is a disgrace for Latvia, especially considering that Estonia has long since overtaken us. ... Just a few weeks after the elections [Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis' governing party alliance] Unity is already disappointing the people who voted for it because they had hoped for more honesty in Latvian politics. Boo! Boo!"

Blog Kārlis Streips - Latvia | 07/04/2010

Conservative church policy frightens away believers

Latvia's Evangelical Lutheran Church is in major financial difficulties as a result of the economic crisis. In his blog on the Politika portal Kārlis Streips writes that the conservative course of Archbishop Jānis Vanags is also to blame for the problems: "Why is a Baptist not allowed to attend the Catholic Communion? Because neither Baptists nor Catholics allow this. Are there differences between the liturgies of Baptists and Catholics? Yes, but they are the inventions of man, not God. Vanags' Lutheran church has placed itself on the periphery of European Lutherans because Vanags alone came up with the idea that women should not be ordained. This is about the convictions of a single person who thinks he knows everything better and about the ambitions of a member of the clergy. But it is also about all the people who no longer want to finance these personal ambitions. It's just pity about the Lutheran pastors who do honourable and venerable work in the cities and rural areas, because they too need to eat."

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