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Streihammer, Jürgen

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Die Presse - Austria | 12/08/2014

Iraq needs Europe's commitment

Europe must show more commitment in Iraq, the conservative daily Die Presse urges: "Delivering weapons to the Peshmerga fighters, as Paris is considering but Berlin refuses to do, would be a first step. Those opposed to this argue that the US should keep the chaos under control with its bombs. After all, they were the ones that started the whole mess with the 2003 Iraq War. ... But big European nations like England or Poland also went to war with the US. While the US government bears more responsibility, the extremists represent a greater danger for Europe, which is much closer. However it is not just Europe that is hesitating: for now the United Nations has confined itself to issuing statements of consternation. Unlike in 2003 when the Security Council refused to back George W. Bush, it should have legitimated the US air strikes long ago."

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