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Straver, Frank

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Trouw - Netherlands | 26/01/2009

The Hague loses control over energy supplies

Following the Dutch energy company Essent another Dutch energy provider is now to be taken over by a foreign company. The daily Trouw writes that this is a logical consequence of the division of energy suppliers and networks in the energy market, as required by Brussels: "It was clear that the energy companies would become smaller after a division. ... When the merger between Essent and Nuon collapsed, it was clear that sooner or later a foreign buyer would step in. The Dutch companies can't compete with the major European players in this sector. ... Other European member states have not been as conscientious as the Netherlands in adapting to the requests for the European market. The big powers, Germany and France, have no interest in implementing the division law. ... So with their nationalist attitudes France and Germany have been able to expand their power on Europe's energy market. They retain control over their own energy interests."

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