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Stratmann, Klaus

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Handelsblatt - Germany | 27/11/2012

Climate protection requires bottom-up approach

Expectations for the UN climate talks that kicked off in Qatar on Monday are low. The liberal business paper Handelsblatt also believes change will be less a product of international policy and more the result of small steps that can be taken by anyone: "Climate protection is not something the UN can prescribe right to the last corners of the earth; the top-down approach just doesn't work. Progress in climate protection comes about on a small scale, independently of the climate summits. The driving force is a growing awareness of the importance of the issue, and above all people being directly affected. In the mega-cities of many newly industrialised countries the authorities have recognised that they must change their course. In the key sectors of housing and transport they are striking out in new directions. … Many companies are realising they can actually make money with climate protection. The range of ecological products on offer is growing. … This bottom-up approach will be the key force behind climate protection in the coming years."

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