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Strandberg, Marek

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Õhtuleht - Estonia | 17/12/2015

Estonia slepts through energy transition

Commenting on the Paris climate agreement, scientist Marek Strandberg vents his spleen at the Estonian government's failed energy policy: "Even the otherwise so oil-shale-friendly environment minister has admitted that production of energy from oil shale is on its last legs. In fact that was already clear in 1997 when the Kyoto Agreement took this course. Nevertheless, in spite of the circumstances Estonia grit its teeth and tossed money out the window to continue producing energy from oil shale. For 18 years the public was fooled and the economy in north-east Estonia was obstructed [as no other sectors were developed]. ... This late awakening to environmental concerns means that Estonia has lost more than ten years for possible innovation in the energy sector. Luckily it's not too late. An innovative energy transition is still possible."

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