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Stoykova, Valeria

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Standart - Bulgaria | 29/05/2013

Sofia must provide security for businesses

Bulgaria's parliament will vote in a new government today. The sole candidate for the office of prime minister is the independent Plamen Oresharski, who is backed by the Socialists and the Turkish party. His most important task will be to regain the confidence of the business sector, the daily Standart writes: "The state must provide security, and not, as in the past four years, say something one day and then change its position and do the exact opposite the next, with a minimum of public resistance. We've seen where that can lead. It is very important for businesses to know what will happen in a month - or even better in a year. It's hard to do business in an environment where everything can change from one day to the next. That's why above all right now we need a consistent economic policy. Priorities must be clearly identified and relentlessly pursued. Otherwise the new government won't be able to fulfil the hopes that have been placed in it."

Standart - Bulgaria | 11/06/2012

Pay raises reduce corruption in Bulgaria

A bill presented by the Bulgarian Ministry of Finances foresees major hikes in the salaries of high-ranking politicians and officials. The monthly salary of the prime minister, for example, would rise from the equivalent of 1,700 euros to just under 3,700 euros. The daily Standart hopes that the measure will prove an effective tool against corruption: "Without doubt the salaries must increase, and not just the prime minister's salary but also that of the cleaning lady. Not just because Bulgaria is the poorest country in Europe but above all because lousy pay leads to theft and corruption. When you're talking about the state, the words 'poor' and 'corrupt' are synonymous. ... In this sense raising the salaries of high-ranking officials will hopefully be a first step in the fight against corruption in the halls of power. And if those at the top start setting a positive example then with any luck others will follow suit."

Standart - Bulgaria | 16/06/2009

Pre-election promises in the crisis

On July 5 parliamentary elections will be held in Bulgaria. In a critical commentary the daily Standart writes that the parties of the Socialist-led ruling coalition are currently making a lot of pre-election promises in the hopes of winning: "Electricity will be cheaper, district heating companies will forego interest payments from their major debtors and the ministries will cut the salaries of the hated civil servants. It all sounds so good that you wish the three weeks until election day would never end. … But what will happen in autumn? Many experts predict that the recession will continue into the next quarter and people will end up on the street. Grim prognoses forecast double-digit unemployment figures. And after autumn will come an even harder winter. So we should be getting excited now about all the other promises that will come in the next three weeks before the elections."

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