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Stoyanova, Stella

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Standart - Bulgaria | 27/02/2013

Bulgarians protest with self-immolation

In Bulgaria a man attempted to self-immolate outside the city hall in the southern Bulgarian town of Radnevo on Tuesday, but was saved. This is the third case of self-immolation in the past ten days, which have been marked by massive anti-government protests. The daily Standart warns: "Self-immolation is the last attempt by someone who has lost all faith and hope to express the desperation and senselessness of his life in a dramatic gesture. ... But behind the choice of such a spectacular death there is more than just the hopelessness and despair which characterises the lives of many Bulgarians. Self-immolation is a rebellion before God, a challenge, to show that our life is not just unbearable, but has become an incurable wound that must be amputated. A message that the state cannot just ignore without turning into a powder keg. Because any one of us could be the fuse."

Standart - Bulgaria | 28/10/2012

Wonder icon to find jobs for Bulgarians

A new icon is to help Bulgarian jobseekers find work. The miracle-working image of the Mother of God, which was brought to Sofia on Sunday from the Monastic Republic of Mount Athos in Greece, has already helped many believers find a job, according to the Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow. If this is true the icon will have her work cut our for her in Bulgaria, with its twelve-percent unemployment, the daily Standart jokes: "'And please, oh Mother of God, find a job for me and my dearest ones!' Never heard such a prayer? Well then it's about time you did! Thanks to the miraculous icon, soon all unemployment policies will be a thing of the past. The unemployment agency belongs to yesterday, as of now this is a job for the wonder icon. ... The only problem is that it had little time to gain sufficient experience in finding people jobs and signing labour contracts in the Monastic Republic, and so it may now be completely overwhelmed here in Bulgaria. Until now the icon has had to find jobs for ten or at most a hundred people. But what will happen when hordes of unemployed Bulgarians kneel down in front of the Mother of God? She'll have to perform a very big miracle indeed!"

Standart - Bulgaria | 14/03/2012

Trade delegation left high and dry

A Bulgarian delegation of seven ministers and almost one hundred entrepreneurs travelled on Wednesday to a Bulgarian-Qatari economic forum in Doha. But not one of the 500 Qatari business guests showed up for the event. A complete embarrassment, writes the daily Standart: "Whether one minor bureaucrat or another is now fired for the fiasco because he didn't send out the invitations properly is not so important. The major question mark hangs over the whole strategy underlying such events. After all, this isn't the first time such a faux pas has taken place. Neither is it the first time the government has made beggars of Bulgarian firms, who make long journeys in the hope that someone will toss investments into their outstretched hands - only to find that no one's waiting for them at the other end."

Standart - Bulgaria | 31/03/2011

Bulgaria fubs administrative reform

In the course of Bulgaria's administrative reform Finance Minister Simeon Djankov has announced plans to pension off all government officials who have reached the retirement age in one go. This is not the way to conduct reforms, writes the daily Standart, speaking out in defence of the seniors: "So public servants who have reached the retirement age are the greatest enemies of the state budget. Paying their salaries leaves no money for the socially disadvantaged, for raising pensions, not to mention education and health. But the milk and honey will no doubt flow once they have gone into their well-deserved retirement! ... Pensioning off public servants doesn't amount to an administrative reform because it changes nothing in the way the work is organised. With or without pensioners the state machinery is crippled and inflexible and sends us from one counter to the next. And when you do get lucky and a public servant actually smiles at you then it's sure to be a pensioner."

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