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Stoltze, Michael

Biologe und Verfaser zahlreicher Bücher, engagiert in Umweltfragen

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Politiken - Denmark | 10/12/2008

A climate compromise

The EU states have compromised on raising renewable energy sources in the EU to 20 percent by 2020. Politiken newspaper welcomes the agreement: "This firm decision is extremely good news for Denmark, Europe, the world and - yes - the global economy, which is so dependent on new visions in the midst of this crisis. Certainly one can object that the goal is not very ambitious. But its ambitiousness exactly matches its attainability. It will stimulate the development of new technologies which we need to sidestep the problem of fossil fuels. The EU's decision is not the only initiative meant to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions. Increasing the efficiency of power plants and conserving energy are also extremely important. Moreover the decision paves the way for what will probably be even greater progress after 2020. We have come one step closer to the possibility of becoming a fossil-free society."

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