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Stoklasa, Radovan

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Lidové noviny Blog - Czech Republic | 28/10/2009

Brussels isn't Moscow

The Czech Constitutional Court has postponed its hearings regarding the charges brought by 17 EU-critical senators against the Treaty of Lisbon until next week. A number of people have gathered before the court building to demonstrate against the Treaty. Journalist Radovan Stoklasa dedicates his blog for to one of the demonstrators, a student: "The student justifies his opposition saying he doesn't want us to obey orders from Brussels the way we used to obey orders from Moscow. … It takes a good dose of fantasy not to mention stupidity to compare our membership in the EU with the old times. We joined the EU voluntarily on the basis of a referendum. And if we are forced to do certain things as members it's because of the rules that govern any community. But this is precisely where the Czechs have a problem: Twenty years after the revolution we still haven't understood that democracy doesn't mean just doing what we want to do."

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