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Stojanov, Veso

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Delo - Slovenia | 12/05/2010

Nick Clegg seized his chance

The head of the British Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, has pushed through his demand for a reform of the majority voting system perfectly, writes the daily Delo: "Certainly, Clegg's demand for a change in the electoral system had the support of the public and the media, but he had to act with caution and political tact. Above all he had to avoid prolonging the coalition talks because the British are used to quick changes in government and political stability. ... Clegg was on thin ice. If he had overstretched the negotiations and failed to achieve a coalition, the window that opened after the elections for him and his party - with the possibility of a reform of the British electoral system - would have closed again for a long time."

Delo - Slovenia | 22/03/2010

Van Rompuy upsets West Balkans

The West Balkan conference in Slovenia took place on Saturday without the presence of invited high EU representatives. The daily Delo criticises the absence of EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy: "Europe has once again shown how little interest it has in the situation in the West Balkans. But perhaps the claims made during the conference that Europe is wary of all the accumulated difficulties on the Balkans and is in this way expressing its desire for a break before further EU expansion are true. Herman Van Rompuy has shown himself to be an absolute beginner when it comes to understanding the Balkans. His absence was highly symbolic. By failing to attend he unknowingly lent support to Serbia's total block of communication with Kosovo and he also raised Serbia to the privileged status of a regional power because he made his attendance dependent on that of Serb President [Boris] Tadić."

Delo - Slovenia | 22/07/2009

EU puts Bosnian Muslims at a disadvantage

The EU Commission is making it easier for Serbs, Macedonians and Montenegrins to enter the EU. As of 2010 they will be able to enter the Schengen zone without a visa. The daily Delo criticises the decision to exclude Bosnia from this arrangement. "The perpetuation of the visa regime for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina means the ghettoisation of Bosnian Muslims. … The majority of Bosnians … hold a Croatian passport that enables them to travel freely in Schengen Europe. In recent times more than 60,000 Bosnians from Serbia have applied for Serb citizenship. Many more inhabitants of the Serbian part of Bosnia have long had this status. So it's absurd that from next year on someone who participated in the Srebrenica massacre will be able to travel freely in Europe while the relatives of the victims [Bosnian Muslims, Bosniaks] will still be left waiting."

Delo - Slovenia | 03/07/2009

Croatia's economic stability should take priority for Slovenia

After the surprising resignation of Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader on Wednesday the daily Delo writes that revitalising the economy in Croatia is more important for Slovenia than fixing the maritime border between the two states: "Croatia's accession talks with the EU and the longstanding dispute over the maritime border with Slovenia will certainly be put on the back burner now in Zagreb. Nevertheless, with the renewed increase in popularity of the extreme right-wing nationalist faction of the governing party ... it can hardly be expected that the government will change its position. Perhaps Slovenia's blockade of Croatian accession talks with the EU was even useful, because the Croatian government will now have to look into its own affairs. But the economic consolidation of Croatia is far more important for Slovenia than fixing the maritime border between our countries. Croatia is fifth on the list of our most important trade partners, and many a Slovenian worker could soon feel the difficulties of our neighbours in their wallets."

Delo - Slovenia | 23/06/2009

Europe was never so united

Europe has unanimously condemned the violence against demonstrators in Iran. Never have the EU member states shown such consensus, writes the daily Delo: "French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the head of European foreign policy Javier Solana on Monday unanimously criticised the violence against demonstrators in Tehran. Can you infer from that that European foreign policy has taken an important step forward? Several foreign ministers have also announced they will abide by the Czech call for protests at Iranian embassies in the countries of Europe. ... Nevertheless Europe's role as a mouthpiece for the international community on Iran may still prove delicate, should the government step up the violence against demonstrators. In that case aside from a basic condemnation of the violence it must also condemn the very nature of the regime. Can Europe live up to such a task?"

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