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Stojan, Jure

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Večer - Slovenia | 10/04/2013

Slovenia not saved yet

Slovenia's new Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek presented her plans for fighting the financial and economic crisis in her country in Brussels on Tuesday. According to EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso, unlike Cyprus Slovenia doesn't need help to solve its problems. But the financial markets remain unconvinced, the conservative daily Večer points out: "A growing number of international politicians and economic players are beginning to believe that we are not like Cyprus. We heard this repeatedly (in Brussels) yesterday. … However these were the words of the politicians, and even if we voters would like to believe them, the financial markets remain sceptical. … Aside from Slovenia's sport triumphs, which the markets don't care about, the foreign media's coverage of us has been very negative in recent months. We will need a good few months to persuade the world that we are really in a position to solve our problems on our own."

Večer - Slovenia | 17/08/2010

Economic growth conceals dangers

The threat of economic collapse looms over China despite its strong growth, the daily Večer writes, citing the case of Japan: "When Japan bumped Germany from second to third spot on the list of global economies in 1968 the reactions were fierce: at first scorn ... and later fear mixed with hatred as Japanese companies began to buy up US firms. Then the real estate bubble burst in Japan and today the 'Japanese scenario' is everyone's nightmare. Negative economic growth, an ageing society and a mountain of debt. And China? It too is menaced by the demographic time bomb. After all every family is allowed only one child, and in a couple of decades there will be no more cheap labour. Already this year many were surprised when major strikes in several Chinese companies went unchecked by the country's authorities. China also has its share of stock market and real estate bubbles, and these too will not fail to burst."

Večer - Slovenia | 28/06/2010

The powerful are doing nothing

Another G20 summit without results, the daily Vecer concludes and examines the purpose of the event: "The atmosphere at the luxury hotels was painfully stilted and pregnant with false friendliness. Some of them even watched football together. Behind the barriers police, anarchists and anti-globalisation activists clashed. The demonstrators were left bleeding. The serious issues were too numerous and the problems too unsolvable, the differences of opinion too great and the time for talks too short. The world leaders patently failed. There were no decisions on the economic crisis, the banking sector, free trade yesterday. The participants simply agreed that the economic recovery was fragile. The global leaders complied with their roles and delivered a summit lacking in substance. The G20 meeting has long since become nothing more than a national prestige affair. Everyone wants to be there even though it's not quite clear why."

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