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Stoilova, Zorniza

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Kapital - Bulgaria | 24/06/2010

Ridiculous opponents of Bulgaria's gay parade

Several organisations have announced their opposition to the Sofia Pride gay parade taking place in the Bulgarian capital on Saturday. The Orthodox Church describes the event as an "uncouth and shameful display of sodomist sin". The weekly Kapital criticises the Bulgarians' intolerance: "Instead of being a lively party that brings colour and joy into Sofia's cultural life along with the music festivals, the Pride [parade] will as usual be overshadowed by fear, aggression and despicable slogans. Each time it takes place, those who want to demonstrate their right to be different face a larger number of those who oppose them. In contrast to Berlin, where everyone comes together to celebrate a wild party, the Bulgarian participants don't even wear provocative clothing or makeup. This makes the posters and whistling [of the opponents] appear even more ridiculous." 

Kapital - Bulgaria | 28/07/2008

What is Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian tourist association BABTI organised an opinion poll to find out which historical symbols Bulgarians think should represent their country in the EU. The favourite was the 'Madara Rider', a monumental relief of a horseman carved into a cliff that dates back to the early Middle Ages. But for the weekly paper Kapital there are many other worthy symbols: "Bulgaria actually  brings many associations to mind: it is the country which smells of baked peppers in autumn; the country where Dimitar Berbatov comes from; the country which has a mosque, a synagogue and an Orthodox church standing next to each other right at its centre; the country whose president dances the Horo folk dance on festive occasions and where the most commonly used word is 'Ej sega' ['right away']." 

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